Although I’ve traveled extensively and amassed my own wealth of travel advice (usually hard-won or learned the hard way, through bitter experience) I am still always looking out for good sources of information and advice. This week I think I’ve found what I consider to be the bible of shoestring traveling advice.

Rolf Potts is a writer who’s traveled the world and then some. His bio reminds me of my own father in his restless, curious, insatiable appetite to explore, discover and experience. It’s a yearning that not all people are born with but, as his book Vagabonding shows, all people have the ability to act upon and satisfy should they find themselves subject to it. The book is slender and won’t have much of an impact on even the most stringent of luggage allowances and I’d urge any world-seeking wanderers to invest in a copy and study it religiously.


The accompanying website also harbours a vast wealth of information and well-researched resources and if I can’t convince you I stumbled across a well-written review of the book detailing just exactly what lies at the heart of it – the fact that a bit of planning, the short-term sacrificing of a few needless indulgences and some smart, honest bargaining with your employer can allow almost any of us in the Western world to go explore and experience things on the other side.


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