To insure or not? That is the question.

travel insurance to suit all needs

Given the prolific choice of insurance these days it is so easy to find just what suits your needs. This is one thing I have always been firm on; I have always taken health insurance seriously. I know it seems to ‘cap’ the adventure somewhat but given the far flung places I have visited and some of the nonexistent medical care there; it has always seemed a sensible approach. I do not want to have huge debts from having to be flown home without insurance or large hospital bills that I might not have the funds to pay. I know some people do not agree with this approach, but in my experience it is a necessity of travelling. In the 90’s I tore my medial ligament on a skiing trip in Bulgaria; I was with some college mates and our first time abroad. Bulgaria at that time was still behind the “iron curtain” and hospital care was 5hrs away in the capital.  Everyone was demanding cash payments – we where students and on holiday, no reserve cash. Even the hotel lady who wrapped my knee in onions and brandy – do not ask me why, wanted money for the brandy 50p if I recall correctly. My mates thought it hilarious but I was in pain and had not got a clue as to why. (No proper diagnosis until I was x-rayed in the UK) Fortunately my parents had insisted on insurance (they paid!) and eventually after contacting them, which took 24 very long hours, they called the insurance company and everything was taken care of. It did involve consular phone calls and extra seats on the plane and I experienced a learning curve that some things are worthwhile, for me it is a false economy to not be insured. I do not always take out luggage or delay insurance but always health insurance. I recommend you do to. This is a good guide to what insurances are available. Another piece of advice is to have a back up fund, if you can’t save enough then you can always  loan some money. Obviously don’t carry it all with you, but put your loan on a pre paid card, a little godsend, you know how much you have, easy to carry and hide. I tuck mine away for  those totally unexpected emergencies.