What to pack; what not to pack.

Over loaded backpack a travellers nightmare

How my backpacks look

Do you struggle to pack? Doesn’t seem to matter if I am backpacking, travelling by air, sea or car. I always over pack. I start off being very organized. I pick a colour code so I can mix and match. I don’t pack bulk, unless I’m skiing, I never take more than one pair of shoes and buy toiletries when I arrive where I am going. I still seem to be ramming something in at the last minute. I was in the T.A’s for a time and there I learnt to back my bag and it also had space over, so where am I going wrong? As a bloke it should be relatively easy for me so why is it so hard?

I decided to look through the internet for tips and came up with a few websites, trying not to be sexist and to be aware we do pack different items I’ve kept the sites fairly generic. The first site is a host of tips from seasoned travellers and some I think I might be able to take on board, especially like the pack a small bag, then put everything from there into a slightly bigger one, then you have everything and space.

The second site I found was interesting and he certainly knew what he was talking about and again the tips seem applicable and doable but was maybe just a bit too ‘light’ for me. I also liked this post from a non travel blog .

The third site was focused more on what not to pack and here I hit one of my main problems. I am gadget person and when I think about it I do pack a lot of stuff I don’t really need , “just in case” I really need to alter that mantra and then maybe packing light would not be so much of a hassle.

I found a couple of packing videos but the one I like the best was this one, done by lady who has been travelling for while and reviews her backpack online and explains why she carries what she does.

Advice on where to pack things in a backpack

So, now I know what to pack and how, but somehow I am not confident that mine will be any lighter but we shall see!

Neatly packed backpacks ready fro travel

How I would like my packing to look.