Search engine overload

search engine overload

These days there are a million websites to help you plan your perfect trip – sure it makes it cheaper than the days when we relied on travel agents but all that choice often comes at a price to our sanity! Reliability is becoming a  huge issue in the travel market – with many sites such as Tripadvisor now struggling against accusations of paid comment, knowing where to turn for trustworthy advice can seem daunting.

The way I approach things is as always common sense goes a long way – use sites with a grain of sand, if a place in Tripadvisor only has three reviews and they’re all positive, then maybe move on, look for a balance of reviews with plenty of pictures, not everyone will love the same thing as you, so a true review will have pluses and minuses. Find your favourite search engines and recommendation sites and focus on them – you could spend days planning and searching for that cheapest best holiday, but you’ll be exhausted, and it will probably have been snapped up!

When it comes to airline booking sites remember they each have pluses and minuses – some are great at looking for the cheapest day to fly, some will find flights using non-direct paths while some will let you build in a stop-over easily. My favourite recommendation is to set up a secondary email account, then sign up for the most relevant websites you use (last minute, rental cars etc.), you’ll get their current offers emailed regularly without bothering you until your actually interested.