Backpack or Suitcase??

When I am planning for a travel one question always crops up. Suitcase or the backpack is the question. I am neither a backpacker nor fond of the suitcase, so it becomes confusing.

I leave it to the type of luggage, and the purpose of travel. When on a holiday the backpack is convenient, and on a business trip the old suitcase is better. Is it not?

Suitcase and Backpack

There are many other advantages of both. Here are a few which came to my mind. Just take your pick.


It looks elegant, and is the best for business travels. The old aged and the middle-aged will agree invariably. Here are three reasons in favor of the suitcase.

  • Wheels – It’s easy to drag along using less of muscles. Weight is not a matter with the suitcase.
  • Use it as a chair – You can use it as a chair when the airport gets crowded. Innovation and all.
  • Clothes in better shape – This is real good argument. The suitcase keeps the ironed clothes in place.



The backpack does not look pretty but is more convenient. The younger lot and the hikers will agree to the three reasons that make it worth.

  • Walking up stairs – Sometimes you will have to walk up stairs and it is more convenient to have the luggage on your back.
  • More – You can surely fit more in a backpack. The various pockets take care of the variety of luggage. You do not have to carry the water-bottle in your hand.
  • Time saving – You can save time on the airport by carrying the backpack as hand-luggage. It rarely happens with the suitcase.

Taking everything into consideration guess what I did. I went ahead and bought a backpack with wheels. The problem is solved.


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