Rhine cruises and the wine route in Germany

I will be talking about an exceptional route to travel in this post. You are sure to fall in love here.

The Rhine River is the twelfth longest river in the whole of Europe and flows through many European countries, such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands. As it is so long, the Rhine actually starts in different countries, and begins in the Swiss Alps and runs down to the North Sea coast in Holland. Although you can easily spend an entire holiday enjoying the sheer size and beauty of the Rhine, there are also other attractions to be seen that follow the route of the river. One of these is the German wine route. The German wine route can be found in the Palatinate region of the country, and is one of the most established and popular wine routes to take in Germany.


Rhine Cruises

There are numerous companies out there that offer cruises down the river Rhine, and the truth is that you can start your cruise from a number of destinations in Europe, such as from the UK or Amsterdam. There are also many famous cities that you can visit during your cruise, although each cruise will vary slightly in terms of which cities it will visit. To name a few though, you could go to the beautiful city of Cologne, which is known for its famous Cathedral, or to Bonn, home of Haribo. There is also the famous and prestigious university town of Heidelberg, as well as Dusseldorf, which is a large, bustling city. There are also a variety of beautiful landmarks that you can visit, such as the Rhine falls waterfall and the large rock known as the Lorelei. You will be given time out during the day to visit a number of these cities, and some cruises, if they last for longer periods of time, will also host evening entertainment programmes for the cruise boat’s guests. The price of Rhine river cruises can vary immensely, and will depend on where your cruise boat leaves from and how long you are on the cruise for. An example of a typical cruise would see you travelling from Cologne to Koblenz, then onto Zell and Rüdesheim, before returning back to Cologne.

The German Wine Route

When it comes to the wine route, it starts in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, which can be found next to the border of France, and then winds its way towards Bockenheim, where the route ends. There are numerous cities and wineries to visit whilst on the road, and Dörrenbach, Bad Bergzabern, in Bad Dürkheim, and Trifels are just a few of the quaint, other worldly places you can visit. There are always plenty of wineries to visit, given the nature of the route and the fact that this region is the finest in Germany for producing wines. There are also a variety of wine festivals that you can go to, which are usually held between March and October each year. These attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year annually. There is a huge wine festival each September in Bad Dürkheim, for example, and there is also a festival in Neustadt an der Weinstraβe in October. There are also other wine festivals held throughout the year along the wine route.

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