Djebel Toubkal, Morocco -Taking on Africa’s highest point

The Atlas Mountain is one of the highest mountain ranges in Africa. The highest tip of this mountain is the Djebel Toubkal which is also known as the Jebel Toubkal to the natives. This mountain is not particularly challenging and has been hailed as the starting point for some of the best climbers the world over. You do not have to be a professional climber to take on this mountain. All you need is to be reasonably fit and very determined. You can approach this mountain range from Marrakech and it lies in between lots of trekking trails. All of these trails criss-cross to give you a perfect scenery, green lush valleys and they also take you to a community of the Berbers who are relatively untouched by modern civilization.

Climbable all year round

The good thing about this mountain range is that you can climb it all year round. However, if you would like to climb it in the months of winter, from November to May, you may have to carry ice axes and crampons because in the winter snow settles in all areas above 3000 ft. Apart from that, the mountain is normally warm enough and there are no chances of hypothermia at any time during the year. In the spring, you may see some snow covering the loose scree. In the autumn and summer, the temperatures do rise considerably and thus you have to be wary of loose scree. Best practice dictates that if you would like to climb during these seasons, it would be a good idea to start early before it is too hot.

Djebel Toubkal, Morocco -Taking on Africa's highest point

The climb itself

The mountain range is best approached from Marrakech. From this town, you can get to the Asni by car, bus or taxi. You can then take trucks from Asni to Imlil and from there, you can have mules carry your things for you to the mountain. During the climb, you may need to rest. One of the places that you can rest is the Refuge Neltner. This refuge has two dormitories that offer mattresses with no blankets. If you are looking to stop here, please have your own beddings.

The other place that you can rest is at Refuge du Toubkal. This resting point is at 3207 meters and offers only one hut. The downside of this refuge is that it is normally too crowded and too damp for your comfort. f you can brace the cold, it would be better for you to bring a tent. The only thing that you might get from the two refuges is their kitchens that you can use to prepare meals and the toiletry facilities that you can use to shower.