Solo Travel in Australia: The essential tips

Beautiful Australia

As I went to Australia last month alone I felt that it is not the same as travelling elsewhere in the world. There are many challenges in this island continent. Long roads with not much in sight and no settlement for miles; this is Australia for you. Here are some essentials for making your solo trip great.

  • Pack Light – You will have travel a lot and heavy luggage will ruin your stay. Pack only the essentials and buy what you require. Australia is not expensive when it comes to clothes, so keep a scope for buying some good stuff.
  • Avoid flying – If you really want to experience the outback and the real Australia, then you should prefer trains. You can make a traveler’s pass and travel economic and have the ultimate experience. Plan the trip with much time so that you can travel by road.
  • Water is the key – Keep lots of water and drink regularly. Australian outback is really scorching hot and you will have to hydrate your body regularly. Add lemon to the water with a bit of salt and sugar to keep as a drink for revitalizing your body.
  • Do not travel on unmarked paths at night – Australia is huge and some places even phones do not work. So never be too adventurous especially during nights. You might get lost and in the worst case encounter the dangerous animals.
  • Using sunscreen is necessity – The sunlight is really strong here. Using sunscreen is not an option but a necessity if you do not want to get sunburns.



Travelling to Thailand – What’s there to do?

I’ve been looking recently at potential things to do in Thailand and all the interesting sites to visit. There is so much history in this country and the surrounding South Asian countries that you could spend years visiting everything while living there and still come up short. It’s so cheap as well to travel around there I had a friend who was living there and took 2 weeks to travel to 3 other surrounding countries for site seeing. He only ended up spending around 200 bucks for the travel and staying in some beautiful places. I was reading an article in Forbes. It is a good idea to go soon to this country as it is a blooming tourism industry with some great deals on really upscale hotels.

southern beaches in thailand

If you go south you can hit some pretty nice beaches and serious party life down near Phuket. If you go north you can also find great night life but it’s a little cooler and along the way up to Chiang Mai you can see some ruins from ancient cities lining the bus routes up to the north. If you go even further north there are some wonderful little places not as touched by the tourism industry. I urge you to check out some of the great deals coming up for flights to Thailand and just go.

Pack light, or don’t pack at all

One of the biggest minus points of being a seasoned traveler is the fact that you’ll start getting annoyed by people who travel with what seems like a dozen bags. Of course, when I say pack light, I don’t mean pack little. You don’t need to carry only one pair of pants and two shirts when on a holiday. You can carry as much as you want- you just need to know how to pack.

First of all, you should invest in a good, solid backpack. There are many travel backpacks that put little to no stress on your back and can store enough clothes and miscellaneous items to last you an entire week. You should always roll your clothes into a cylindrical shape while packing- not only will you save a lot of space, you will also be able to keep your clothes wrinkle-free!


When picking clothes, try picking items of clothing that can be repeated without grabbing the attention of your friends or co-travelers. This way, you can wear the same pair of pants at least twice during the trip- saving you some more luggage space. Unless you are using something medicated, do not carry any daily-use items such as soaps, moisturizers, lotions, etc. You will be able to find these in any supermarket in the town you’re visiting.