Best Times to Visit Phuket

Asian countries are known to deliver unforgettable travelling experiences, one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Why? Because Asian countries are one of the few places on earth where you get to enjoy well preserved traditions as well as unforgettable historical places. For your Southeast Asian leg tour, why not go to Phuket, Thailand.

The best advice you can get when travelling into a culture oriented place like Phuket, Thailand is to travel into that country during the celebration of a festival. After you book for a hotel in Phuket, the next eventful thing to do is to experience the following annual festivals.

the best time to visit phuket

August: The Hungry Ghost Festival

Lately in cinematic tradition, Thailand films are gaining popularity on the horror genre. It will only be fitting to the Hungry Ghost Festival in Phuket. What to expect?  You’ll get to sink your teeth into Thai-Chinese inspired delicacies like the odd Red Turtle Sweets. This custom offering is popular during this event. It’s believed that the red turtle symbolizes filial loyalty and dedication; it also symbolizes longevity and good luck. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this first hand?

October: Phuket Vegetarian Festival

If there’s one race who has the passion for food and culture, it will be Asians, particularly those who live in the Southeast. So head out to Phuket around October and experience firsthand the celebration of the annual Vegetarian Festival. Celebrated over a 9 days period, this festival is a celebration of the lunar month when local Chinese community celebrates it by abstaining from meat and various stimulants for overall good health.

You’ll be surprised that the attraction of this festival is not the showcase of different vegetarian dishes but the display of gruesome feats like fire walking, extreme body piercing; all aimed at invoking the gods.

The festival is endless here, will try to talk about more special events being held in my next post. Stay tuned guys…:)


Preparing for a business trip

Preparing for a Business Trip
Preparing for a business trip

Business engagements may take you across the city, country or the world. All these involve hours or even days of travelling that will take you away from home or office. You will be away from the comfort of your home or the support of your office. That means you need to prepare adequately so that your trip is successful in all its aspects.

How should you then prepare for a business trip?

Travel arrangements

Depending on where you are going, you need to make travel arrangements in advance. You do not need to be caught up in the last minute rush.If possible, book your air, train or bus ticket days before you travel. If you are going to be away for weeks, organize for car rental or a taxi service. That will depend how well you know your way around. In case the trip is short, researching for available mode of transport may come in handy.

Arrange for accommodation

Advance booking is always cheap and convenient than looking for a hotel on the day of arrival. Some hotel offer extra services like airport pick-up and discounted prices on the taxi services they are affiliated to if you book with them in advance.

Have all your documents ready.

These include your passport, visa, international driving license, vaccination certificates and work permit where applicable. Other documents are those related to your reason for visiting. Have all the documents in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences like being denied entry to a particular country because you don’t have valid documents.

Get the right currency

You need to carry the right currency for any payments outside your hotel. Go to your bank and get enough currency to use in your foreign trip. You can also confirm with your bank if your ATM can withdraw the local currency.

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Djebel Toubkal, Morocco -Taking on Africa’s highest point

The Atlas Mountain is one of the highest mountain ranges in Africa. The highest tip of this mountain is the Djebel Toubkal which is also known as the Jebel Toubkal to the natives. This mountain is not particularly challenging and has been hailed as the starting point for some of the best climbers the world over. You do not have to be a professional climber to take on this mountain. All you need is to be reasonably fit and very determined. You can approach this mountain range from Marrakech and it lies in between lots of trekking trails. All of these trails criss-cross to give you a perfect scenery, green lush valleys and they also take you to a community of the Berbers who are relatively untouched by modern civilization.

Climbable all year round

The good thing about this mountain range is that you can climb it all year round. However, if you would like to climb it in the months of winter, from November to May, you may have to carry ice axes and crampons because in the winter snow settles in all areas above 3000 ft. Apart from that, the mountain is normally warm enough and there are no chances of hypothermia at any time during the year. In the spring, you may see some snow covering the loose scree. In the autumn and summer, the temperatures do rise considerably and thus you have to be wary of loose scree. Best practice dictates that if you would like to climb during these seasons, it would be a good idea to start early before it is too hot.

Djebel Toubkal, Morocco -Taking on Africa's highest point

The climb itself

The mountain range is best approached from Marrakech. From this town, you can get to the Asni by car, bus or taxi. You can then take trucks from Asni to Imlil and from there, you can have mules carry your things for you to the mountain. During the climb, you may need to rest. One of the places that you can rest is the Refuge Neltner. This refuge has two dormitories that offer mattresses with no blankets. If you are looking to stop here, please have your own beddings.

The other place that you can rest is at Refuge du Toubkal. This resting point is at 3207 meters and offers only one hut. The downside of this refuge is that it is normally too crowded and too damp for your comfort. f you can brace the cold, it would be better for you to bring a tent. The only thing that you might get from the two refuges is their kitchens that you can use to prepare meals and the toiletry facilities that you can use to shower.

Solo Travel in Australia: The essential tips

Beautiful Australia

As I went to Australia last month alone I felt that it is not the same as travelling elsewhere in the world. There are many challenges in this island continent. Long roads with not much in sight and no settlement for miles; this is Australia for you. Here are some essentials for making your solo trip great.

  • Pack Light – You will have travel a lot and heavy luggage will ruin your stay. Pack only the essentials and buy what you require. Australia is not expensive when it comes to clothes, so keep a scope for buying some good stuff.
  • Avoid flying – If you really want to experience the outback and the real Australia, then you should prefer trains. You can make a traveler’s pass and travel economic and have the ultimate experience. Plan the trip with much time so that you can travel by road.
  • Water is the key – Keep lots of water and drink regularly. Australian outback is really scorching hot and you will have to hydrate your body regularly. Add lemon to the water with a bit of salt and sugar to keep as a drink for revitalizing your body.
  • Do not travel on unmarked paths at night – Australia is huge and some places even phones do not work. So never be too adventurous especially during nights. You might get lost and in the worst case encounter the dangerous animals.
  • Using sunscreen is necessity – The sunlight is really strong here. Using sunscreen is not an option but a necessity if you do not want to get sunburns.


Things to do during your vacations in Riviera Maya


Vacations in Riviera Maya

A hot spot for tourists Riviera Maya is located in Cancun, Mexico. It is known world over for its resorts. The luxury villas and apartments are available for renting. There are a range of options available for rentals. Tourists throng the place for the relaxing feeling, archaeological sightings and the fun activities along the coast.

The attractions here are many with beach and reef activities dominating the scene. Riviera Maya is blessed with the second largest reef system in the world. Jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, swimming with the amazing dolphins, soaking in the beauty of the Cenote (A Natural pit) are some of the exciting things to do in Riviera Maya. Eco parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha with a bit of archaeology and swimming with the dolphins have become a global rage. Add to that the various archaeological sites like Coba and Tulum, Riviera Maya is a paradise on earth.

Major Attractions – Riviera Maya

Swim with dolphins and Turtles and enjoy nature in full view

If you are yet to experience swimming with dolphins and turtles, then you are missing something. Swimming with dolphins can be a liberating experience for all ages. There is no better sight than dolphins gliding through water in a beautiful and synchronized manner. Dolphins understand us and communicate with their calls. You can touch them while swimming and you will get an unforgettable experience.

Turtles may seem slow on the ground, but when in water it will be difficult to match their speed. They look amazing under water, but beware of their jaws. They can bite.

There are many interesting things you can learn while experiencing the nature in its full flow. The shallow and clear azure blue coastal water makes it the perfect place to swim and experience the marine life.                                                                                                  Exploring Cenote


Cenote is a natural pit which is the result of collapse of limestone bedrock. These were sacred place for the Mayan civilization. They are a sight to behold and fun to swim in. They are a perfect blend of freshwater on top and saline water beneath. You can explore the underwater world via these natural wonders.

Coba Wonderland


The Coba is both a natural and archaeological wonderland. The site is situated in between two lagoons and offering amazing view of the Maya temple ruins. The pottery remains bring history directly to you. The unique pyramid here has 130 steps to climb and you can see a different world from the top.

Xcaret Adventure

You can experience ecology at close quarters. The underground rivers will exhilarate you. There are a range of activities to choose from. You can also experience the special events at this eco-archaeological park. The Mayan jungles and special activities for all ages make it a place to visit. The experience is divine.

Rhine cruises and the wine route in Germany

I will be talking about an exceptional route to travel in this post. You are sure to fall in love here.

The Rhine River is the twelfth longest river in the whole of Europe and flows through many European countries, such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands. As it is so long, the Rhine actually starts in different countries, and begins in the Swiss Alps and runs down to the North Sea coast in Holland. Although you can easily spend an entire holiday enjoying the sheer size and beauty of the Rhine, there are also other attractions to be seen that follow the route of the river. One of these is the German wine route. The German wine route can be found in the Palatinate region of the country, and is one of the most established and popular wine routes to take in Germany.


Rhine Cruises

There are numerous companies out there that offer cruises down the river Rhine, and the truth is that you can start your cruise from a number of destinations in Europe, such as from the UK or Amsterdam. There are also many famous cities that you can visit during your cruise, although each cruise will vary slightly in terms of which cities it will visit. To name a few though, you could go to the beautiful city of Cologne, which is known for its famous Cathedral, or to Bonn, home of Haribo. There is also the famous and prestigious university town of Heidelberg, as well as Dusseldorf, which is a large, bustling city. There are also a variety of beautiful landmarks that you can visit, such as the Rhine falls waterfall and the large rock known as the Lorelei. You will be given time out during the day to visit a number of these cities, and some cruises, if they last for longer periods of time, will also host evening entertainment programmes for the cruise boat’s guests. The price of Rhine river cruises can vary immensely, and will depend on where your cruise boat leaves from and how long you are on the cruise for. An example of a typical cruise would see you travelling from Cologne to Koblenz, then onto Zell and Rüdesheim, before returning back to Cologne.

The German Wine Route

When it comes to the wine route, it starts in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, which can be found next to the border of France, and then winds its way towards Bockenheim, where the route ends. There are numerous cities and wineries to visit whilst on the road, and Dörrenbach, Bad Bergzabern, in Bad Dürkheim, and Trifels are just a few of the quaint, other worldly places you can visit. There are always plenty of wineries to visit, given the nature of the route and the fact that this region is the finest in Germany for producing wines. There are also a variety of wine festivals that you can go to, which are usually held between March and October each year. These attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year annually. There is a huge wine festival each September in Bad Dürkheim, for example, and there is also a festival in Neustadt an der Weinstraβe in October. There are also other wine festivals held throughout the year along the wine route.

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Backpack or Suitcase??

When I am planning for a travel one question always crops up. Suitcase or the backpack is the question. I am neither a backpacker nor fond of the suitcase, so it becomes confusing.

I leave it to the type of luggage, and the purpose of travel. When on a holiday the backpack is convenient, and on a business trip the old suitcase is better. Is it not?

Suitcase and Backpack

There are many other advantages of both. Here are a few which came to my mind. Just take your pick.


It looks elegant, and is the best for business travels. The old aged and the middle-aged will agree invariably. Here are three reasons in favor of the suitcase.

  • Wheels – It’s easy to drag along using less of muscles. Weight is not a matter with the suitcase.
  • Use it as a chair – You can use it as a chair when the airport gets crowded. Innovation and all.
  • Clothes in better shape – This is real good argument. The suitcase keeps the ironed clothes in place.



The backpack does not look pretty but is more convenient. The younger lot and the hikers will agree to the three reasons that make it worth.

  • Walking up stairs – Sometimes you will have to walk up stairs and it is more convenient to have the luggage on your back.
  • More – You can surely fit more in a backpack. The various pockets take care of the variety of luggage. You do not have to carry the water-bottle in your hand.
  • Time saving – You can save time on the airport by carrying the backpack as hand-luggage. It rarely happens with the suitcase.

Taking everything into consideration guess what I did. I went ahead and bought a backpack with wheels. The problem is solved.